SprutCAM includes a powerful machining
simulation module, which allows the user to
simulate the machining of the part using any
machine already included in SprutCAM using full
machine kinematics and 3D model. The machining
simulation enables the machining technology to
be optimized for maximum efficiency, tooling and
machine life etc. During the simulation the user
controls visually all of the machining process
taking into account all the travels of the machine’s
main and auxiliary axes. The system automatically
marks the program area’s where it detects
collisions or inadmissible cutting methods.
SprutCAM standard distribution kit includes
a set of machines for practically all types of metalcutting
Machining simulation module provides the
following possibilities:
 Multi-axis machining simulation taking into
account the movement of all the axes of the
machine according to its kinematics scheme
 Realistic machining simulation
 High authenticity of the machined part model allows visual
examination of the machining quality to detect possible
problem area’s
 Visualization of zones with insufficient machining and
penetration (for instance in case of negative stock or low
precision machining)
 Comparison of the machined part to the original model
 Visual control of the remaining material
 Examination of the tool radius and length during the